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For this challenge, take one ASHBLF and take him somewhere he wouldn't normally be found.  Why is he there?  How did he get there?  What happens to him? 

Have fun with this!

Entries will be due in two weeks.  The due date is Sunday, September 3.

Rules for the challenge are located here.
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Well, two nifty entries this time! After much deliberation, this round goes to drumroll, please... )
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Dinner with the Prime Minister

Author: Lilithangel

Email: abchainey@xtra.co.nz

Website: www.livejournal.com/users/lilithbint

Fandom: Xover BtVS/Little Britain

Genre: humour, mild slashy overtones

Warning: see above

Rating: G/Teen

Characters: Giles, Sebastian, Michael

Disclaimer: if they were mine I would rule the world, sadly all I own is one long suffering husband.

Summary: Giles met the Prime Minister and now they are going to have dinner together. Sebastian is not pleased. Set after ‘Meeting the Prime Minister.’ This community started it so I am blaming you...

Read more... )
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When plot bunnies bite, they bite hard ...

Title: It’s all done with mirrors

Word count: 300

Rating: G

Challenge 18 -  Xover: BTVS/Jonathan Creek

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Challenge 18 is a Crossover Challenge!

Take one ASHBLF and put him in the world of another ASHBLF, or put him in another world entirely (any fandom). Please be sure to note which fandoms are involved. The pairing of ASHBLFs is allowed (encouraged, even!). :D

In keeping with recent challenges, this challenge will run for two weeks, ending on August 20th. Have fun!


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