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Challenge: 23
Author: EllycatinOz
Website www.livejournal.com/users/ellycatinoz
Fandom: BtVS
Character: Rupert Giles
Genre/Rating : Gen, not even one swearword!
Word Count: 224

Rupert Giles looked out the cottage window to the narrow lane outside. Snow was falling steadily as it had for the past couple of hours. The edges of the lane were blurring into the surrounding countryside. The cottage that had looked so quaint and cute in summer was starting to feel isolated and a little alien.

Rupert glanced at the clock on the mantelpiece. Olivia was over two hours late. It didn’t take that long to get to the cottage from the airport, even if it was snowing. He wishes she would call at least to let him know. But communicating by machine was not her thing.

By degrees he became aware that the still full mug of tea in his hand had grown cold. He thought about going into the large kitchen that was the heart of the cottage to make another but the will to move was lacking. He thought about moving away from the window to sit on the overstuffed sofa near the merrily burning fire, perhaps to read his latest antiquarian find. However he didn't move, instead resuming staring out the window at the snowed in lane. A passing thought lodged deeper into his consciousness that this was his future, alone and waiting.

He hoped that this Slayer business was worth losing so many pieces of the real Rupert.
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