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this didn't end up having much to do with camping *grin* but it does has Sebastian in it and you don't get much campier than him...

Power cut

Author: Lilithangel

Email: abchainey@xtra.co.nz

Website: www.livejournal.com/users/lilithbint

Fandom: Little Britain

Characters: Sebastian, the Prime Minister

Rating: General

Warnings: none really, mild slashy overtone if you can call it slashy when it is the reason for the show...

Word count: 250

Disclaimer: if they were actually mine I think I would be nuttier than they are. I own nothing, no point in suing.

Summary: well… the lights go out in the Prime Minister’s office.

Sebastian was entering the Prime Minister’s office when the lights went out, and he squealed with shock.

“Sebastian it’s only a power cut,” the Prime Minister’s voice came out of the darkness, “you can get off me.”

“Yes Prime Minister, just one moment.”

“What are you doing?” the Prime Minister demanded his voice slightly strained.

“Looking for the candle I left here Prime Minister,” Sebastian said.

“That is not a candle,” the Prime Minister’s voice would have been stern if not for the squeak at the end.

“Oh my,” Sebastian hummed, “silly me. Now it should be somewhere over here…”

A match flared and a candle was lit to reveal the Prime Minister pressed against the back of the couch with Sebastian practically straddling him, stretched out to reach the candle that was apparently stuffed down the arm of the couch.

“There we are.” Sebastian placed the candle on the table and climbed regretfully off the Prime Minister, “now isn’t this cosy. We can light a fire, toast marshmallows while we wait for rescue. Maybe even tell ghost stories… whoooo… and sing songs,” he grabbed hold of the Prime Minister’s hand, “come on, Kumbaya…”

“Sebastian,” the Prime Minister pulled his hand free, “it is a power cut not a camp out. We can just go outside and wait for them to fix the lights.”

“Well,” Sebastian managed to flounce without standing up, “If that’s the way you want to be.” He stood up, went over to the door and switched on the lights, “we’ll just get back to work then shall we?”

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